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Family and Community Engagement

At LEAD Southeast, we believe that creating and maintaining a welcoming school environment based on high expectations will foster the trust among all members of the LEAD community needed to accomplish our goals of 100% graduation and college acceptance. Accordingly, LEAD Southeast makes every effort to engage parents and the community through the following proactive approaches:

  • Family Involvement Committee
  • Parent and Student Volunteer Opportunities
  • College Tours and Presentations via college visits. 
  • Community Partners: Depending on the need, LEAD Southeast seeks partners to provide complementary services to our academic instruction. 


At LEAD, we don’t just teach students—we proactively engage parents, guardians, and community members as volunteers, learners, and decision-makers in a child’s educational process. 


For additional information about any of these family initiatives, please contact Erin Molitoris, LEAD Southeast's Family Engagement Coordinator, via email at


All incoming students have a commitment meeting when they join the LEAD Southeast family. We outline the responsibilities of all parties (school, student and family) in the child's educational journey. We have high expectations for our scholars and we want them to actively own their education at LEAD Southeast. 


We invite parents to participate in on-going activities aimed at gathering parental input and opinions on the functioning of LEAD Southeast. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the school hours?
    • Regular School Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • If I am interested in being involved in the Family Involvement Committee, who do I contact? Erin Molitoris at (615) 584-6649 or
  • Does LEAD Southeast follow the same calendar as Metro? Our major vacation days (spring break, winter break, etc) are the same, but there are some small differences during the year.
  • If school is cancelled in Metro because of weather, does LEAD Southeast cancel classes too? Yes. If MNPS is out due to weather, LSE is too.
  • If there is a bus issue, how will I find out? LEAD Southeast uses an all-call system to notify families of important schools news, including anything regarding buses. 

FERPA (Parent) Rights