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School Uniforms 2016-2017


  • Students are expected to wear the "LS" logoed navy blue polo shirts and shirts must be tucked in.
  • Only plain navy blue sweatshirts may be worn.

o   Coats/jackets (defined as anything with a zipper) will be stored on hooks immediately upon entering the building and cannot be worn inside the classroom.

  • Students may wear solid white or grey undershirts or long-sleeve shirts underneath their uniform polo.
  • Students will receive their first "LS" polo for free. Students may purchase additional "LS" polos or sweatshirts at the beginning of the school year or at any time from the main office.


  • Students are expected to wear khaki pants, khaki shorts or khaki skirts (for girls).
  • Khaki shorts and shirts must hit right above the knee. Pants/shorts must be worn at the waist.
  • Students are expected to wear socks with skirts. Leggings or tights worn under skirts must also be solid-colored white, grey or black.


  • Students are expected to wear a belt everyday.
  • Shoes must be closed-toed and must allow students to participate in PE everyday (no heels, sandals, etc.)


  • Student’s accessories should not be a distraction to learning. No hats, hoods, or bandanas may be worn while on campus or on field trips.

*College T-Shirt Friday: Students may earn the privilege to dress down on some Fridays by meeting certain goals on their paychecks. On these dress-down days, students can wear a college t-shirt or other LEAD t-shirt along with solid blue jeans. Students earning the right to participate in dress-down days will receive a ticket the day before the dress down day notifying them and their families that they are eligible. 

How to Order a School Uniform